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MOUNTAIN HIGH MAPS 2.5 is a major upgrade of our MacUser Eddy Award winning professional mapmaking resource. These detailed and accurate relief views of the world's continents countries and ocean floors have an extensive range of applications: advertising, newspaper & television, publication & presentation, education & reference, multimedia, web & video use. MOUNTAIN HIGH MAPS Version 2.5 comprises:
Mountain High Maps 7 versions of each map, 3 pre-colorized - one political and two vegetation & elevation physical maps - in addition to two base grayscale files, plus editable vector maps in FreeHand, Illustrator and Corel Draw.
Mountain High Maps Easier-to-use closed and pre-filled Illustrator, FreeHand and Corel layers and paths - editable and selectable layers.
Mountain High Maps Over 16,000 updated place names and labeled physical features including rivers, lakes, cities, countries and mountains.
Mountain High Maps Wide selection of masks enable you to colorize or extract each country (states and provinces on some maps) and define
their borders, highlight coastlines and add dramatic 3-D effects with land mass, coastal shadows or vignette masks.
Mountain High Maps 7,500 map files packed into a 4-CD-ROM set with over 10 Gb of uncompressed files.
Mountain High Maps 38 professionally animated globe sequences in QuickTime or Video for Windows - includes original 3D files and textures.
Mountain High Maps 54 stunning, high-resolution globe views (15 of which are fully colorized) showing land relief with land/ocean masks.
Mountain High Maps Between 100 and 1000 meters per pixel, 300 dpi resolution for high quality imagesetter output and 72 dpi for Web use.
Reproduction rights granted with your purchase of MOUNTAIN HIGH MAPS allow almost unlimited commercial use. MOUNTAIN HIGH MAPS includes all the FRONTIERS Illustrator / FreeHand vector maps described below. Map catalog at - Macintosh 4 CD-ROM set ITEM 0403 $495 - Windows or Unix 4 CD-ROM set ITEM 0410 $495.
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MOUNTAIN HIGH MAPS - CONTINENTAL EDITIONS - Version 2.5 The unique MOUNTAIN HIGH MAPS collection of relief maps is available as four separate CD-ROM products for the designer who only requires a smaller selected group of Continental maps or World / Globe Views for Mac or Windows. The map specifications are identical as for the full Mountain High Maps Edition, including both bitmap JPEG and TIFF Photoshop images along with vector EPS and FreeHand files. All products include the Frontiers vector and paths material.
Mountain High Maps Africa + America MAC ITEM 0502 / WIN ITEM 0519 $245
Mountain High Maps Asia + Australia MAC ITEM 0526 / WIN ITEM 0533 $145
Mountain High Maps Europe MAC ITEM 0540 / WIN ITEM 0557 $245
Mountain High Maps World Views + Globes MAC ITEM 0564 / WIN ITEM 0571 $245
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MOUNTAIN HIGH MAP FRONTIERS Version 2.5 is a collection of high quality editable outline maps. This superb resource of 78 map views covers the world and consists of coastline, borders, rivers, city locations and longitude/latitude graticules to fit the MOUNTAIN HIGH MAPS relief map images or can be used independently as a self-contained resource. Each map is available in three formats: Adobe Illustrator (EPS), Macromedia FreeHand, Photoshop Paths and CorelDraw (Windows only). Rights allow almost unlimited commercial use. - Mac/Win CD-ROM ITEM 0427 $95
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USA Relief MOUNTAIN HIGH MAPS USA RELIEF - Digital Topo and EPS Geo-Political Maps of the USA states.
MHM USA RELIEF is a set of 4 full color shaded relief maps and one grayscale relief map sized between 50-500 MB at 100 meter per pixel resolution. Any of the four interchangeable topographic base relief maps (high-contrast, low-contract, natural look, and cartographic styles) can be overlayed with an editable EPS vector data including coastlines, rivers, interstate / major roads, railroads, county, state and international borders, town locations, town names text and latitude/longitude grids. MOUNTAIN HIGH MAPS USA RELIEF 100 meter resolution JPEG Relief & EPS Geopolitical maps ordering options:
USA ReliefComplete collection of 50 states on two DVD ITEM 0762 Price $495.
USA ReliefThe Eastern USA collection 30 states on DVD ITEM 0779 Price $295.
USA ReliefThe Western USA collection 20 states on DVD ITEM 0786 Price $295.
USA ReliefEach state sold separately Mac / Win CD ITEM 0755 Price $95.
USA ReliefCollection of 50 EPS states on two CD's ITEM 0809 Price $145.
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CUSTOM MAPPING - Check for prompt quotes on any special map project or item not shown here!

EARTH IMAGES COLLECTION is a collection of 3D globe views and maps created from Planetary Visions Satellite Imagemap, a highly realistic image of the Earth's surface derived from thousands of Earth observation satellite images. Data from 3 satellite systems were combined with digital map and terrain data to produce the natural color Satellite Imagemap. Earth-Images comprises 8 variations of Globe Views - Clouds, Clear sky, Night Sky and Ocean floor texture, all with the optional white background or black background - 1,179 total images at 5,000 meters per pixel resolution. Also included a selection of world views focused on 3 different areas in 3 styles, and a collection of Continental Views taken from 6 locations in 3 styles each. For details see EARTH IMAGES COLLECTION - Mac/Win CD-ROM - ITEM 0717 - Price $95
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GLOBESHOTS is a distinctive collection of high quality relief globe images with enhanced 3D effect. This superb resource of 100 high resolution (300 dpi) TIFF RGB and 164 low resolution (72 dpi) PICT/BMP colorized globes show the world in 5 general categories and 39 specific viewpoints - equatorial, polar, strategic, oceanic and continental. The Relief Globes are presented in a range of styles and colors, with and without cloud cover, with masks and artwork to reconfigure the globes with interchangeable foregrounds and backgrounds, including blends, halo and star effects. Masks are provided to remove the globes from their background and provide shading effects. To view the complete catalog of globes and review product information and licensing details see GLOBESHOTS indivual globes are available for immediate download - Mac/Win CD ITEM 0076 - $145
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EARTHSHOTS is a distinctive library of full color World relief maps of our planet's continents and ocean floors. 250 world view variations featuring political and topographical themes including, climate, vegetation, living standards and population. EARTHSHOTS is suitable for paper or electronic media publishing applications, print, multimedia, broadcast and DTP map graphics. The image library is JPEG format, 14 Mb decompressed and 300 dpi.
EarthShots EARTHSHOTS World 604 - Mac/Win CD ITEM 0274 - $145
EarthShots EARTHSHOTS + FRONTIERS includes MOUNTAIN HIGH MAP FRONTIERS (see above) for full editing and customization of the World Map using Frontiers masks and layered EPS vector map. EARTHSHOTS + FRONTIERS Combo - 2 CD-ROM set ITEM 0380 - $195
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COOLMAPS collection of 250 ready-to-use royalty-free world maps, each volume created specially by a team of graphic designers, featuring an imaginative array of dazzling and dramatic maps suitable for many media publishing applications. Rights allow almost unlimited commercial use.
CoolMaps COOLMAPS Vector or Bitmap Mac/Win CD - Volume 1.1 World Maps Vector EPS ITEM 0205 $49
CoolMaps COOLMAPS Volume 1.2 World Maps Bitmap JPEG ITEM 0212 $49
CoolMaps COOLMAPS Both Vector and Bitmap Mac/Win 2 CD COMBO SET ITEM 0229 $69
CoolMaps COOLMAPS USA collection of over 250 bitmap dramatic, artisitic, thematic, textured and special effects views of the USA. CD includes masks to remove the land from backgrounds - 19 style variations - 2 CD Set JPEG Mac/Win ITEM 0298 $69
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ANTIQUE MAPS OF THE WORLD is a comprehensive five CD-ROM library of images which encapsulate the discoveries of five centuries of antique maps, celestial charts and illustrations, cartographic motifs and more. With these stunning antique art maps, designers, artists, publishers, and graphics professionals can use history's best visual communications to convey a message today. See for more details. ANTIQUE MAPS OF THE WORLD has 5 collections:
Mountain High Maps Antique Maps of the World: 1520-1680 Catalog Vol.1 - ITEM 0892 $475;
Mountain High Maps Antique Maps of the World: 1680-1898 Catalog Vol.2 - ITEM 0908 $475;
Mountain High Maps Antique Celestial Charts and Illustrations: 1680-1880 - 2 CD's Catalog Vol.3 - ITEM 0915 $575;
Mountain High Maps Extraordinary Cartographic Motifs Catalog Vol.4 - ITEM 0922 $475;
Mountain High Maps Antique Maps of the Continents and Regions Catalog Vol.5 - ITEM 0939 $475;
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